Mülheim an der Ruhr Business English Blog Chapter I The good Sales guy who speaks English

Improving your business English will not neccessarily improve your sales but it will make you become a better salesman.

Business English is an important aspect of our work as linguists nowadays. Most of the companies,hiring a language trainer, are usually interested in the business aspect of the language. But what actually is business English? Quoting the great visionary salesman millionaire playboy J. Belfort ´´if you´re in business you´re selling´´. I couldn´t agree more with this sentence. While working for five long years as an export manager in the LPG/CNG conversion systems business I´ve seen a lot of guys becoming sales managers. The sales guys kept coming and going, shifting companies and cities. I was lucky I got to hang around longer in one company. The rotation among sales managers or coordinators was, is and definitely always will be extreme.

But there was a certain breed of men who would stay and keep on selling. To make the things clear I never was one of them. But I got the chance to work, talk and generally do business with some of the most amazing sales managers in one of the most weirdest branches of the automotive industry a man can imagine. Believe me if you think auto-gas is easy, it´s not.

Getting back to the subject of business English, it´s not your language, the choice of words or the suit and tie that make you a good sales man.

No they are not. It´s not the manners nor the sophistication. Believe me it´s definitely not that. So what makes a good salesman? What are the features of successfull sales managers? It´s actually really hard to say. I´ve seen sales guys talking to their clients with their mouthful or even taking a piss at the same time who still managed to close the sales. The clients didn´t mind because eventually they were taken care of. Frankly speaking, as long as you give the clients exactly what they want, you are the man. They will talk to you and to you only. Even if your business English skills are simply invisible.O.K. but how do you get the clients?

Communication, communication and once again communication. This is the part where Business English becomes important.

Communication, influence, manipulation call it whatever you want. It´s the way we speak, behave, walk, talk and conduct ourselves and our business that communicates to our clients who we are. The choice of words, the right tone of our voice even the pace at which we speak makes a colossal difference.

Alright therefore I need a good vocabulary base! – Yes you do! Of course you do but on the other hand you also need a ton of other skills. One of them is self-confidence. Showing that you are a confident person automatically makes you a more reliable conversation partner. To put in in simple words confidence makes you more interesting in the eyes of anyone and awakening interest in your business partners and potential clients is a key aspect of sales.

Business English plays the vital role here. The right choice of words and their understanding, this allows you to maintain the conversation dynamic and keep it under your control.

Of course there is always a possibility that you do not understand what your client is saying because he is using some out of this world terminology. But on the other hand it´s always good to know how to get out of a situation like this turn it into a joke and move on avoiding this inadequate silence. At this point one should consider Business English as one of his sales tools. The more proficient you sound the better the impression on the client. The bigger your vocabulary base is the less embarrassing situations you will experience during live events, performances and meetings. Everything that grants you a boost in your self confidence is a mustdo! I don´t care if it´s the gym, yoga, chess, poker or smoking cigar do it. Boost your self confidence and you will start to attract people and opportunities that come along with them.